Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A windy first day at the market

Last Saturday was my first farmer's market of the 2014 season. For the week before the market, I herded together all of my pottery creations left over from last year and all the pieces that I made over the winter. It turns out that my production level has bumped up significantly in the last year. I remember that for the first market of 2013, I had one bin of pottery. This year, I needed to fit 3 bins and a few boxes of finished work into my car. Woohoo!

Knowing my usual bleary morning habits, the car was all loaded and ready to go on Friday night. At the crack of the next morning's dawn, I headed down to the Greenwood Farmer's Market.  My darling hubby, Doug, followed along as well to help me set up.  We quickly unloaded, got the canopy and tables set up...and then Doug headed off to do some fishing! I scurried about, unpacking pottery and getting it arranged on the shelves.

As I was putting out my business cards on the nifty business card holders that I make (go go functional pottery!), I noticed that the wind kept blowing them off the holders. And boy, did that wind blow and blow and blow. Vendors all around me were grabbing for their canopies, as wind tried to make them into giant kites. Lots of folks took down their canopies immediately. 

But while my canopy did weave a bit on top, it was solidly anchored. This winter, I finally got around to making some good weights to anchor down the canopy. It seems that 45 pounds per corner will stand up to 20 mph gusts! To be fair, I was still anxious through the whole market, also tied it down to my car and held on to the frame. And with the help of the fabulous vendors at Greenwood, took it down when the wind REALLY starting picking up.

I made the weights with these instructions. I picked up all the supplies at Home Depot and had help there to cut the 10 foot long PVC pipe into four even sections. In addition to these instructions, I also attached sturdy handles halfway down the outside length of the pipe before I poured in the cement. Please take note, that these weights are attached to the top of the canopy frame with hooks and straps and securely fastened to the legs at the bottom.

I will also remember to check the forecast for the wind speed before the next market!

And just another plug for the Greenwood Farmer's Market. This is my favorite weekly market in Indy area--great goods, fair prices and wonderful vendors! Every time I am there, I am delighted with the folks who visit the Beech Grove Clay Works booth to shop. It is fascinating to see the different ways people interact with pottery--how they feel a mug, or gravitate toward a certain set of colors or shapes. And more than just the customers, it's a delight to get to know the caring organizers and vendors who are always so friendly and helpful. This good feeling was reinforced last weekend as neighboring vendors helped keep canopies and goods from blowing away and hurting people. Someone was always on hand to help catch things as they flew away or offering assistance in taking down the canopies of tumbling doom. Thanks Greenwood, you rock!!

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