Tuesday, December 9, 2014

And the year flew!

It's hard to believe it's already December! It seems I'm not capable of blogging when my busy pottery season really gets started.  Here's my quick review of how I danced through the warm market season and the end of the year.

I'll actually start a bit earlier than my last post.  In May, I decided to take the plunge and officially become a real business.  Woohoo!

I finally grabbed the dancingpottery.com domain and opened up an online store at Square Market. (My apologies, the virtual shelves there are very bare right now!)

We finally got the garage wired to safely run the kiln.

Loading a whole booth into our hatchback was getting impossible, so we upgraded to a pickup truck.

I manned the BGCW booth at the Greenwood Market once per month this warm market year.

When throwing at BGCW, I've realized that I'm well on my way to becoming one of the those members that I used to admire, "hate", and not-so-secretly longed to be, with a whole table a pots that I threw that night during class.

This year was my first time at ArtSquared, a fantabulous art fair and other arty events in my own neighborhood in Fountain Square.  It rocked.  Four of us teamed up to have a double booth and we had an amazing day.

Debuted at ArtSquared were the amazing fantastical mugs that Ben Jackson and I partnered on. I had the easy part, providing the bare-bones mugs for Ben to sculpt creature-y handles on.  He's still sculpting more now!

A few weeks later, I returned to GermanFest at the Athenaeum, with 2 other potters. We had a great time. It was cold, but when has that ever stopped me from costuming myself appropriately?

On the heels of these successful fairs, I boxed up most of the rest of my remaining inventory and took it to the American Wildwood Gift Shoppe in Rushville, Indiana. I was lucky enough to get contacted by Dawn Moran, the co-owner of this wonderful little shop, to be one of their Indiana artists.

And then I was exhausted for a bit.  And shocked at how empty my crates of pottery were.  And continue to be.  With the holidays approaching, just about everything I've managed to make has been snapped up by wonderful customers, donations to great causes, or my own gifts to folks.  This is a great effect, but I long to see my inventory rebuilt! I better get thowing!!

One of the great causes is happening this Saturday--Soup For Tots supporting Shop with Cop at Beech Grove Clay Works. Lots of great bowls from many of the studio's members, including me!

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