Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The Dread Viking Potters!

In April 2018, Vikings invaded Whitestown, Indiana! And I pottered with them! This spring, Indiana's only annual Viking Fest moved from Richmond, Indiana, to Whitestown, on the northwest side of Indianapolis. It also changed from a 1 day event to a 3 day event. New location, new organizers, brand new park land, iffy spring weather, what could possibly go wrong?!? Of course this needed to be Dancing Pottery's first multi-day event! 

Of course, I needed to add some fun new designs for the Viking theme!

And, it went wonderfully. Despite a week of rainy weather, the skies cleared and the Whitestown Park crew did a fantastic job of getting the event space ready and shockingly free of mud. On Friday morning, my wonderful hubby helped me drive my truck full of pottery and my heavy kickwheel, and towed our adorable travel trailer to the event site. 
And then we got stuck in the mud. Note to self: do not back up a camper in wet grass with a truck bed full of pottery! But, the fantastic Whitestown Parks crew came and rescue the truck from the muddy lawn, and I made it out of the camping area and to the event site.

We had a fantastic pottery enclave for Viking Fest: Mike, John, and Maria from Beech Grove Clayworks, Rebecca of Graves Pottery Co, Holly of Dowidat Ceramics, and me!

Fiona, Mike, John, and Maria

Rebecca and Holly

Sales were a bit slow on Friday, but Saturday dawned beautifully, the weather was great and the crowds arrive to get their viking on!

And I learned that Viking reinactors take their jobs seriously. 

I also learned that throwing on a kickwheel in a corset and horned helmet can be challenging. But draws an appreciative crowd. (Sorry for the noisy video, it was pretty windy)

It was an exhausting, but fun weekend. And will be on my list again next year!

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