Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A flop-free first!

Last night night the planets must have been aligned  because things went beautifully at the studio!  My clay was finally not too wet or to hard, I was centering well, and I threw 4 beer steins...<dramatic pause>...without flopping anything!  First time ever for me.

I also got out of the studio on time, at a decent hour.  Whacky.  And, I managed to get all four wet steins home in the car without destroying them.

That being said, while I managed to get the size of stein I wanted out of the amount of clay I started with, I still haven't figured out how to duplicate identical shapes in this form.  Still something to work on.  Also, 4 steins in 2 hours is still pretty painfully slow. But I've definitely walked away from studio nights before with no good pots before.  So, I'll take this and be thrilled with it!

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