Monday, August 24, 2015

Feast of Lanterns 2015

Last Saturday was my second show at Feast of Lanterns. I don't often work this festival, since it often conflicts with one of my favorite dance weekends, Sugar Hill. It's hard to be the dancing potter if I never get to dance!

Dancing at the end of the contra dance line at Sugar Hill, way back in 2001.
Luckily, the scheduling gods smiled and I got to do both this year. I was especially excited about my return to this festival, since my last time at the Feast was spent hobbling around in a cast. Not the most fun way to be a pottery vendor. But this year's Feast was fantastic! Beautiful weather, a great location for the double booth I shared with 3 other potters from Beech Grove Clay Works, newly built shelves for my pottery, tasty beverages, and fantastic music.

Setting up with John, Mike and Judy
Those boys from Beech Grove Clay Works up to no good
The great new shelves that I built the day before the festival
Feast of Lanterns is a wonderful festival just northeast of downtown Indianapolis, in Spades Park. It's in a lovely city park, it's FREE, things to do for kids, tasty food and beverages, and great vendors. Like Carrie from Celebration Henna, who was right next door to our booth. I couldn't resist and got hennaed up! Carrie has a great trick of be-glittering the wet henna, which needs time to dry and set up after it is applied. The glitter looks great and reminded me to not mush the wet henna while it dried. And also, everyone needs a little more glitter in their lives!

My glittered peacock still waiting to dry
My henna tattoo the next day, should last for a week or more

And we all sold lots of pottery. It was a lovely day, and then as sunset passed, the lanterns were lit.

And the bands continued to play, even as we started to pack up our booth at 11pm. Tear down is way more fun when done to the irresistible Pork and Beans Brass Band.

Thanks to all my friends, neighbors, and fans who stopped by! Hope to see you again soon! Lots of fun shows coming up for me through the end of the year!

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